Montigo Direct Vent Flush Face Multi Sided Fireplace L42DF-ST


  • Various Linear Contemporary burner accessories‡
  • Choose from 2 surrounds‡
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Various Remote Control options
  • Safety door screen
  • Various Fan Kits for L38DF-ST & L42DF-ST
  • IPI Electronic Ignition with optional remote control for flame modulation, thermostatic control, & battery backup
  • Full stainless steel construction, approved for outdoor use



  • Clean-Face design allows for brick or tile installation over the fireplace frame
  • Convertible using 5″/8″ Top or Side vent on L38DF-ST & L42DF-ST
  • L52DF-ST is 5″/8″ Top Vent only
  • Linear Contemporary burner with White, Silver, Opaque Fire Stones‡
  • Snap-Lock door system
  • Hi/Lo control for adjusting flame level
  • Millivolt control with Piezo spark ignition allows for continuous operation, even during a power failure
  • 100% fail-safe shut-off valve